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Computer/Data Networking
Network all of the computers in your home to share high-speed Internet access, files, software and equipment, such as one central printer, scanner and fax machine, without hiring your own MIS director.

Telephone Systems
All telephone outlets should be home-run to a location common with other structured wiring. With a home-run system of (Cat 5) telephone wiring, cross-talk and other interference is virtually eliminated and your system is ready for fast digital services.

New Home Prewiring
If you are building a new home, you may want to make the decision to pre-wire your home. Why not have Cimcom Services install your structured wiring to handle data (computer networking) , telephone, cable TV, security and other bandwidth requirements -- even if you will not be utilizing all of the cabling right away. It can be difficult and expensive to wire an entire house after the walls are up.

Security/Alarm Systems
Protection of all doors and windows that can be accessed from outside is a good investment. Let Cimcom Services turn the picture-in-picture function on your TV into a video security or baby monitor.

Cable TV
As with the other structured wiring, Cable TV or Video outlets should be home-run to the same common location. This will allow for the distribution of video signals from different sources to all TVs in the home.


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