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This section deals with Cable TV as well as all video applications.  With a proper RG6 Coax Structured Wiring system in place, you will have the option of "Distributed Video"  Distributed video is a way of transmitting signals from an expensive DVD, a VCR, a Laser Disk, or security camera(s) to all of the TVs in your home.  Let's face it, DVD Players are great, but they're expensive, and to have one in every room would be costly.  For example:  by adding a Digital A/V Modulator, between a DVD player and the distributed video (transmitting) outlet, that DVD signal can be sent back to a "Central Structured Wiring Service Panel", you can then watch that signal (program) at every other TV in your home.  Example: you and your spouse rent a DVD from Rogers Video, you start watching it on your big-screen at 9:00, one of you wants to go to bed at 10:00 to finish the movie and the other wants to continue watching on the big-screen, Distributed Video allows you both to watch your movie (and have your popcorn too)!

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1
  •  Each family member can have their own TV and be watching different channels.

  • Benefit 2
  •  Ability to share DVD or movies through the Distributed Video system.

  • Benefit 3
  •  With Structured RG6 Coax cable, all outlets will have good signal levels and great pictures.


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