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How does Structured Wiring future-proof a new home?  Structured Wiring future-proofs your new home two ways.  The first is by installing outlets where you need them today, as well as, installing outlets where you'll want them as your needs (and technologies) change.   The second is through the versatility and adaptability of a structured wiring system.  The cable and phone companies are spending billions of dollars on each other's technologies in an effort to try and be a one-stop shop.   They want to sell you phone service, cable TV, and High-Speed Internet all together, and at a substantial discount (all of the services will be travelling down a single cable/wire).  The best (and maybe only) way to make sure you can take advantage of these savings is to have a Structured Wiring system installed in your new home.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1
  •    Only one third of the cost of wiring an existing home if wiring is done before walls are up.

  • Benefit 2
  •    Ready for the future with a structured wiring system to handle all digital telecommunications needs.

  • Benefit 3
  •    No need for future wiring jobs or drilling holes in floors and walls to run wires.


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