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Why is home-run telephone wiring better?  Think of your telephone wire coming into the home like a hose or a pipe that handles water. The main line to your house is equivalent to a fire hose. Standard phone wiring and connectors, are like a squirt gun. The problem is that as telephone services become completely digital, those faster, clearer, better signals will require a biggar hose or pipe. Proper structured phone wiring (Cat 5) can handle more information and transmit it faster.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1
  •    Any wallplate wired with the Cat5 phone wire, can actually have up to four different phone numbers.

  • Benefit 2
  •    No cross-talk or noise on the lines with the structured wiring system.

  • Benefit 3
  •    Ready for full digital phone services and no charges from Bell to install additional wiring.


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